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Texting and Driving

Brain Chemistry Can Make People Want to Text And Drive

You have probably seen drivers texting behind the wheel. That text message they received from their youngster or significant other must have seemed so urgent at the moment. Urgent enough, in fact, so they couldn’t wait to pull over and…

What are the Penalties For Texting While Driving in New York?

Distracted driving has gone from being a niche issue to one of the most pressing safety concerns on the modern roads. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and many drivers do not take the appropriate steps to ensure their safety…

Could a texting-while-driving offense cost you your license?

New York has a relatively strict texting-while-driving law. Police officers can pull you over and ticket you for a texting offense. You will have to pay a higher fine for each subsequent ticket that you receive. Someone with several prior…

Using a Phone While Driving is Bad: Here’s Why People Still Do it

You’ve seen all the public service announcements, and you know that New York is pretty aggressive about passing out tickets for hand-held cellphone use behind the wheel. So why do drivers keep doing it? More than a third of drivers…

How can you defend against a cellphone ticket?

New York police make a considerable effort to catch people they believe are on their phones while driving. The penalties for cellphone use behind the wheel are tough, so it is crucial to investigate all avenues of defense if charged.…

Can police officers pull you over just for texting at the wheel?

Offenses people commit while driving fall into two categories: Primary and secondary. Primary offenses are significant violations like speeding that give police officers immediate cause to conduct a traffic stop and possibly site someone. Secondary offenses are issues that are…

Texting and driving among teens: The technology is going to get you

Many adults fear sharing the road with teens because teens have limited driving knowledge. Adults also worry about the other behaviors that teens may engage in while behind the wheel of their cars. Distractions such as conversations with others, reaching…

Chatting behind the wheel? You could face penalties

You probably know that texting behind the wheel is prohibited in New York, just as using your phone is. In fact, as of Dec. 1, 2001, violators who use a handheld telephone to place a call while driving may be…

How do police spot a texting driver?

You’re not allowed to text and drive, but you may be wondering how the police would even know what was happening. It’s not as if you hold your phone up for all to see. How do they spot drivers who…

Is it legal to text when your vehicle is at a stop light/sign?

You probably know that it is not legal to text and drive in New York. What you may also believe is that it’s totally fine to text behind the wheel if your vehicle is stopped. For example, if you’re at…



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