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New York Office

Located on the U.S. northeastern seaboard, New York City (40.71 N, 74.01 W) is flanked by New Jersey and Connecticut. The city is a dynamic mix of art and energy, divided into five unique boroughs, each with its own charm. Along the Hudson River, iconic sites like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and skyscrapers define the city’s landscape.

NYC is more than a metropolis; it’s a hub for families, professionals, and artists, hosting renowned institutions and universities. The city’s parks offer a retreat from urban life, and its cultural diversity is showcased in various festivals and culinary scenes.

Times Square stands as a symbol of the city’s vibrancy. NYC’s role in hosting global events underscores its international appeal. With its energetic lifestyle and cultural depth, NYC is a premier destination for living, working, and entertainment.

Our NYC Lawyers

Craig M. Bondy

Evan Scott Fidelman

Jessica R. Grijalva Parra

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