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Speeding Tickets

Nyc Cops on Heightened Alert For Speeding Motorists

That driving-linked statistics relevant to New York City show a sharp spike in speeding incidents over the past several months is not exactly surprising. Relatively empty roadways account for that. The catalyst most responsible for the vast metro’s relatively quiet…

Cuomo announces plan to enforce road construction laws in New York

With road construction going on throughout New York City, you should be extra careful the next time you pass a construction zone. New York State government has announced “Operation Hardhat” to try to catch drivers committing tickable offenses, using undercover…

What are the different types of speed limit zones that exist?

Speed limits work much like any other regulations or laws here in the United States. They vary by state and the type of road or area. There are three primary types of speed limits. These include statutory, posted and special…

Here’s Why Speeding Is A Bad Idea

As a driver in the New York City area, you know that obeying the speed limit is easier said than done. For example, there are times when you feel that you have no choice but to speed to keep up…

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Applies to Speeding Violations

Many of us are familiar with the concept that people who have been accused of crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Maybe we only know this as a phrase police use in television shows,…

Can a Driver Refute an Officer’s Claim of Speeding?

Law enforcement officials have many ways of catching speeding drivers in New York. They may sit on the sides of roads with their laser guns at the ready, prepared to catch speeders in the crosshairs of their devices. Or, they…

Protect Driving Rights With Strong Defense

Not long ago, this blog discussed using an emergency as a defense to a speeding allegation. While some defenses may give drivers the option of pleading down or overcoming the legal claims against them, others may not be effective in…

Is an Emergency a Good Defense to a Speeding Ticket?

When a person exceeds the posted speed limit, they may be considered speeding. Speeding is punishable under the law, and when a New York driver accumulates too many points based on speeding, they may lose their driving privileges. While an…

New York Works With Other States to Catch Speeding Drivers

A speeding ticket is a nuisance at best and a serious legal matter at worst. New York drivers who have been stopped for allegedly speeding on New York roads understand the stress and financial strain that accumulating tickets may have.…

Is “driving the Speed of Traffic” a Defense to Speeding?

Controlled highways throughout New York have posted speed limits that reach up to 65 miles per hour. However, anyone who has spent time on the highways of the state will know that traffic is often moving well in excess of…



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