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Traffic Violations

Representation For Individuals Facing Alleged Traffic Violations

The Fourth of July is a popular time of year for New York residents to pack up their vehicles and take road trips for vacations with family and friends. While most people enjoy relaxing outings with the people who mean…

What Is A Moving Violation?

Readers of this blog may have received a ticket for a moving violation. Moving violations differ from non-moving violations for exactly the reason they sound: they occur when a vehicle is in motion. Unlike non-moving violations, which may be cited…

Don’t Believe Everything You See About Traffic Violations

People in New York may have seen an image on Facebook or another social media account that has gone viral, depicting a ticket for distracted driving in the state of New York in the amount of $850. Despite the fact…

New York Court of Appeals Allows Unlimited License Plate Scanning

Drivers cannot reasonably expect any privacy in their license plate numbers, according to New York’s highest court. After considering the question for the first time, the court held that law enforcement may use license plate scanners at will — even…

Increase in State Police Presence in Nyc Results in Drastic Increase of Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are presumably issued in order to ensure motorists follow traffic rules and regulations, to make the road safer for everybody. The issuance of traffic tickets is not always based purely and simply on these motives, though. Behind the…

Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero Program Puts Pressure On Authorities To Target “reckless” Drivers, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program and the intentional focus the program has put on reckless and negligent drivers. As we noted last time, the high vision of the program and the…

Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero Program Puts Pressure On Authorities To Target “reckless” Drivers

Back in 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced what is known as Vision Zero, a program created to reduce traffic fatalities. The program, which is partly based on a Swedish model, is aimed especially at addressing pedestrian…

Nyc Taxi Drivers Arrested For Participation In Scam.

A December arrest of NYC cabdrivers provides yet another warning to those who fail to review their credit card statements before providing payment. 12 drivers have been charged with grand larceny for their part in stealing almost $40,000 from individuals…



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