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Do You Know What a Driver Responsibility Assessment is?

Do You Know What a Driver Responsibility Assessment is?

If you’ve been cited for a traffic infraction, then there may be a driver responsibility assessment (DRA) that you have to pay the New York Department of Motor Vehicles for the next three years. State officials generally only impose a DRA if you rack up six or more points on your driving record during an 18-month period or a judge or jury convicts you of select traffic offenses.

DRAs is a fee that you must pay on top of any surcharges, penalties or fines associated with a traffic conviction. State officials see DRAs as a way to improve driver safety and deter repeated motorist problem behaviors.

Which Types of Offenses May Require a Motorist to Pay a Dra?

Any motorist convicted of a drug- or alcohol- involved incident while operating a snowmobile, boat, or motor vehicle may have to pay a DRA. The same might occur if a motorist refuses a blood alcohol content test in New York.

A driver who accumulates six or more points in New York state or the Canadian provinces of Ontario or Quebec within 18 months may also have to pay a DRA. Motorists may have to pay a DRA regardless of where their driver’s license was issued.

How Much Do I Have to Pay as a Dra?

The violation and related points associated with the offense determine how much of a DRA a motorist must pay.

Motorists convicted of drug or alcohol-related or chemical test refusal offenses may have to pay a minimum of $250 per year or $750 across three years. Motorists with six points on their license during an 18-month period may have to pay at least $100 per year or $300 across three years. There’s a $25 per point per year fee for each one that exceeds six during an 18-month period.

State officials require motorists to pay their fees by the due date to avoid suspension of their driver’s license.

Why You Must Treat Traffic Citations and Offenses Seriously

Traffic violation charges can put your ability to operate a vehicle at risk. Not paying your fines can too. You may want to consult with an attorney to ensure that you protect the right that you cherish so much.




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