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New Traffic Violations Law Could Lead To Vehicle Confiscation

New Traffic Violations Law Could Lead To Vehicle Confiscation

In a bustling city like New York, traffic issues are often unavoidable. Law enforcement takes multiple steps in its attempts to catch drivers who violate the law. An issue of specific concern is reckless driving. Drivers can face harsh penalties for these allegations. They have the right to lodge a defense and avoid the worst consequences.

The City Council has passed new legislation called the Reckless Driver Accountability Act that will increase the punishments for drivers with a certain number of traffic violations. Under this law, if a driver accumulates five tickets for running red lights or 15 violations for speeding in school zones within a single year, a safe driving course will be required. Those who do not comply might have their vehicles seized and impounded. Drivers whose vehicles are taken can recover it after taking the course.

The safety course takes 90 minutes. Its template is like one that was initiated in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The likelihood of drivers being cited for reckless driving is 40% less than those who did not take a safe driving course. Statistics show that speed light cameras are effective deterrents. Around 80% of drivers who receive a ticket due to a speed camera do not get a second one in a three-year period. The drivers who do get second violations are the source of a significant number of driving incidents.

While reckless driving is a problem that impacts the safety of people who share the road, that does not mean every citation given is valid. There could have been a malfunction with the cameras leading to an apparent violation. Other defense strategies may be effective. A law firm with experience in defending those accused of traffic violations might be able to help with a defense.




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