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Ny Law Enforcement Officials Steps Up Efforts For Holiday Week

Ny Law Enforcement Officials Steps Up Efforts For Holiday Week

The Fourth of July is a celebratory time of year when New Yorkers come together with their families and friends for food, fun, and fireworks. As they celebrate the independence of the nation, partygoers may indulge in tasty treats and special drinks. When they decide that it is time to head home from their gatherings, they should be aware that someone may be watching.

The Superintendent of the New York State Police has announced that state and local law enforcement agencies will increase their patrols and efforts to identify and apprehend drunk drivers over the Fourth of July week. In addition to having more officers out on the streets, sobriety checkpoints may be set up to catch drivers who officers believe may have been drinking.

As readers of this blog may know, a drunk driving charge is no small matter. When a person is charged with drunk driving, they may be subjected to significant criminal penalties if they are convicted. Different drunk driving charges can carry with them different punishments and individuals with pending drunk driving charges should contact their attorneys to better understand their unique legal situations.

While the Fourth of July should be a fun time for individuals throughout New York, it may become a difficult nightmare for those who are charged with drunk driving crimes. Every person who is alleged to have driven drunk has a right to defend themselves, and those who are caught in Fourth of July enforcement efforts can fight to overcome their legal challenges.




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