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The Faster You Drive, The More The Ticket Will Cost You

The Faster You Drive, The More The Ticket Will Cost You

Most people speed at least a little bit, and only a few people who break the speed limit get in trouble for doing so. When police officers enforce the speed limit, they often target those who are going substantially over it.

Still, driving even just a little bit faster than the speed limit can be enough to get you a speeding ticket. However, the higher that a driver’s speed is at the time of a traffic stop, the more significant the consequences can be.

New York Has Separate Classifications For Speeding Offenses

The speed of your vehicle dictates what penalties you face. New York has three distinct levels of penalties for four different classifications of speeding offenses.

In cases where a law enforcement officer catches you going up to 10 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit, the citation you receive will carry a fine of between $45 and $150. There’s also the risk of up to 15 days of jail time. Anyone going too fast for road conditions or driving at an “inappropriate speed” will face the same penalties.

Those breaking the speed limit by more than 10 mph but less than 30 mph will face fines of between $90 and $300. The potential jail time increases to up to 30 days. The highest category of speeding ticket for those doing more than 30 mph over the posted limit, with a fine of between $180 and $600.

Defending against a speeding ticket, especially for those who are facing tickets for going 30 mph or more over the limit, could save you fines and higher insurance rates. It could even save you jail time. An experienced attorney can help.




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