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What Is New York’s Move Over Law?

What Is New York’s Move Over Law?

When a driver sees flashing lights ahead of them on a highway, they may expect to face slow-downs and delays. They should also expect to have to change lanes, especially if the cause of the flashing lights is an accident or other emergency. In New York, when a driver sees lights ahead of them, they may have to follow the rules of the state’s move over law.

The move over law applies to any roadway obstruction involving construction, emergency vehicles, tow trucks and others. When a driver sees lights, reflectors or other indicators that the roadway may be obstructed, they must first reduce their speed and observe what is occurring. Once they have assessed their situation, they should be prepared to move out of the way of the obstruction by changing lanes.

While it is often the case that drivers only move over when accidents and obstructions occur on the right side of the road, they must also follow the rules of the move over law when incidents obstruct the left side of the road. The move over law exists to keep drivers and workers supporting accidents and construction projects safe when they must be on the roads together.

Getting caught for speeding, driving recklessly or ignoring the rules of the move over law in a construction or emergency zone can be a serious problem for a New York driver. They may face penalties if they are convicted, including the possible loss of their license. Drivers who are concerned about protecting their driving privileges after traffic violation tickets can discuss their questions with attorneys who practice driving defense law.




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