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When CDL Tickets Jeopardize Your Professional Driving Job

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When CDL Tickets Jeopardize Your Professional Driving Job in New York and New Jersey

Licensed drivers of commercial vehicles — from trucks, 18-wheelers and semi tractor-trailers to cabs, vans and shuttles — depend on the legal ability to drive so they can continue to make their livings.

In New York and New Jersey since 1986, the skilled and client-focused traffic violations attorney who aggressively protects your rights after a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) ticket or accident is Craig Bondy, founder of The Law Office of Craig Bondy.

Mr. Bondy is near the top among NYC traffic ticket lawyers handling traffic matters in the Tri-State Area, for sheer number of cases handled and outstanding success rate. He knows the law, knows the judges and prosecutors, knows the defense strategies that safeguard your interests — and most importantly, knows how to get results.

No matter what kind of truck or taxi and limousine ticket you have received, regardless of the legal obstacles you face, Craig Bondy’s goal is a complete dismissal of the charge, or to at least obtain reductions that would save you considerable amounts of money. In many cases, you do not have to even accompany him to traffic court.

In these cost-effective ways, Mr. Bondy helps you to keep your commercial driving record clean, spares you the expense of huge fines, protects you from substantial increases in your auto insurance rates, and generally preserves your ability to continue operating your business, or driving for your employer.

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Whether you have a New York truck ticket, a speeding ticket or any other NYC traffic ticket, The Law Office of Craig Bondy cares about your situation — and urges you to submit your ticket online, and contact our law firm directly for a free evaluation of your ticket, and no-obligation initial consultation.

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