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New York Traffic Violations Legal Blog

How Many Points Is a Cell Phone Ticket in New York?

In a rapidly advancing digital age, staying connected through smartphones has become an essential part of our lives. However, when it comes to driving, New York State takes distracted driving seriously. Traffic violations result in points on your driving record,…

How Much is a Speeding Ticket in New York?

One of drivers' most frequent questions is "how much is a speeding ticket in NY?" The exact amount can vary greatly depending upon several factors such as the speed at which you were driving over the limit, and where the…

Traffic Tickets in NYC: 9 Steps To Take After

Receiving traffic tickets in NYC can be a daunting experience. You might be filled with questions and uncertainty about the process ahead. Fortunately, with over three decades of experience in defending all forms of traffic tickets in New York, the…

Brain Chemistry Can Make People Want to Text And Drive

You have probably seen drivers texting behind the wheel. That text message they received from their youngster or significant other must have seemed so urgent at the moment. Urgent enough, in fact, so they couldn’t wait to pull over and…

Speed Cameras are Up and Running in Nyc 24/7

Have you been accused of having a “lead foot” when you’re behind the wheel? Are you occasionally desperate enough to get somewhere on time that you’re willing to rush through a traffic light when you know it’s already too late?…

What are the Penalties For Texting While Driving in New York?

Distracted driving has gone from being a niche issue to one of the most pressing safety concerns on the modern roads. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and many drivers do not take the appropriate steps to ensure their safety…

Can You Plead No Contest to a Traffic Ticket?

You recently moved to New York, so you’re used to traffic laws from your home state. When you got a traffic ticket living there, you had the option to plead no contest if you wanted to do so. You didn’t…

Factors to Keep in Mind When Driving in School Zones

New York is a busy location comprising over eight million people. There are a lot of cars on the road but this isn’t the only form of transport out there. Many kids choose to walk to school with their friends.…

How the Driver Responsibility Assessment Works in New York

If you receive citations or tickets in New York, there is a point when you may have to undergo the Driver Responsibility Assessment. This is a fee that must be paid to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles over…

How a New York Traffic Ticket Will Follow You Home

If you’re among the millions of visitors coming into New York this summer from as near as New Jersey and as far as the West Coast, you may end up getting a traffic ticket. Law enforcement officers are particularly out…



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