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New York Traffic Violations Legal Blog

Can You Plead No Contest to a Traffic Ticket?

You recently moved to New York, so you’re used to traffic laws from your home state. When you got a traffic ticket living there, you had the option to plead no contest if you wanted to do so. You didn’t…

Factors to Keep in Mind When Driving in School Zones

New York is a busy location comprising over eight million people. There are a lot of cars on the road but this isn’t the only form of transport out there. Many kids choose to walk to school with their friends.…

How the Driver Responsibility Assessment Works in New York

If you receive citations or tickets in New York, there is a point when you may have to undergo the Driver Responsibility Assessment. This is a fee that must be paid to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles over…

How a New York Traffic Ticket Will Follow You Home

If you’re among the millions of visitors coming into New York this summer from as near as New Jersey and as far as the West Coast, you may end up getting a traffic ticket. Law enforcement officers are particularly out…

Why You Should Never Leave the Scene After an Accident

If you’ve ever driven in New York traffic, you know it can be a nightmare. Not only that, but the potential of an accident is high. While no one wants to be in an accident or deal with the aftermath,…

Texting at a Stoplight isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

New York has a law against texting while driving. If a police officer spots you with your phone in your hand, they will probably pull you over and write you a ticket. Some people try to get around the risk…

Can You Talk on the Phone While You Drive in New York?

You are well aware that texting and driving is dangerous and illegal. You’ve seen plenty of stories about it causing accidents and you know that the laws were updated to prohibit drivers from sending or reading texts in the car.…

The possible ups and downs of fighting a New York speeding ticket

As a New Yorker, you probably know that our home state has some of the harshest traffic violation penalties in the nation. For example, those convicted of speeding must usually pay hundreds of dollars (or more) in fines, surcharges and…

Tax meter fraud can land you in big trouble

Being a taxi or limousine driver in NYC is not always an easy gig. You have to deal with constant traffic, construction reroutes and the ever-looming threat of receiving some kind of traffic ticket. New York has some of the…

What Does a Dui Conviction Mean for My Career?

A New York drunk driving conviction can disrupt your life in a number of ways. If you are convicted of DUI, even if it is your first conviction, you risk having your driver’s license suspended, paying a hefty fine and…



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