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Accused Of Texting While Driving? You Can Defend Yourself

There are people who watch out for texting drivers just to call the police. There are city-wide traffic task force members who are there watching out for the same thing. It’s unfortunate, but you could be accused of texting and…

Should You Have A Driving Contract With Your Teenager?

The day that has you feeling both excited and fearful has finally come: Your kid got their driver’s license. They now can get around without you — and you can even send them on household errands when you want without…

The Financial Impact of a Dui

Drinking and driving is done by millions each year, leading to thousands of arrests here in New York. The biggest fear for many when they are initially pulled over or arrested is losing their license. That certainly will happen if…

Nyc Cops on Heightened Alert For Speeding Motorists

That driving-linked statistics relevant to New York City show a sharp spike in speeding incidents over the past several months is not exactly surprising. Relatively empty roadways account for that. The catalyst most responsible for the vast metro’s relatively quiet…

Cuomo announces plan to enforce road construction laws in New York

With road construction going on throughout New York City, you should be extra careful the next time you pass a construction zone. New York State government has announced “Operation Hardhat” to try to catch drivers committing tickable offenses, using undercover…

Reckless Driving Can Take On Many Forms

As a driver, your number one priority should be the safety of you and your passengers. Along with this, you must realize that the decisions you make as a driver will affect other people on the road. Not only is…

What are the different types of speed limit zones that exist?

Speed limits work much like any other regulations or laws here in the United States. They vary by state and the type of road or area. There are three primary types of speed limits. These include statutory, posted and special…

The Most Commonly Issued Traffic Tickets In New York

Most Americans use a car every day to complete essential tasks such as going to work, taking their children to school, and buying groceries. When they use their vehicles, they must obey the traffic laws at all times. Traffic laws…

Suspicion of Dwi: How to Protect Yourself

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime. Not only can it result in far-reaching penalties, such as a large fine and time in jail, but it also greatly increases the risk of an accident. If you’re…

What are the Penalties for Texting and Driving in New York?

exting and driving at the same time is both dangerous and illegal. This is why many different activities that involve the use of a cell phone while operating a vehicle are illegal here in New York. State law prohibits individuals…



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