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Does alcohol tolerance impact your blood alcohol content?

When deciding if they’re sober enough to drive safely, most people just consider how they feel. They don’t pull out a breath test and see what their blood alcohol content (BAC) is at the moment. If they feel sober, they…

The Faster You Drive, The More The Ticket Will Cost You

Most people speed at least a little bit, and only a few people who break the speed limit get in trouble for doing so. When police officers enforce the speed limit, they often target those who are going substantially over…

Are The Police Just “ticket Happy”?

Sometimes, it seems like the police really should have more on their minds than writing tickets for missing a stop sign, running a red light or driving too fast through a school zone. The police really aren’t just “ticket happy,”…

Texting and driving among teens: The technology is going to get you

Many adults fear sharing the road with teens because teens have limited driving knowledge. Adults also worry about the other behaviors that teens may engage in while behind the wheel of their cars. Distractions such as conversations with others, reaching…

Rising traffic deaths in NYC prompt calls for more speed cameras

With fewer vehicles on the road, there should be fewer accidents. As it turns out, however, one traffic violation may be affecting those statistics here in the Big Apple. There’s been a big shift toward remote work this year, but…

What Constitutes Reckless Driving And How Will A Conviction Affect Me?

If you have a driver’s license, then you’ve likely heard of either careless or reckless driving; however, what you may not know is what the difference between the concepts is. Careless driving is a traffic violation that may result in…

New York Gets Aggressive About Stopping Bridge Strikes

The authorities in New York are getting serious about ending bridge strikes. In a weeklong enforcement period in November, police stopped 196 commercial trucks and issued 50 tickets — all with the goal of keeping commercial vehicles from ending up…

New York Is Stepping Up Education And Enforcement Regarding Bridge Strikes

When a commercial vehicle tries to pass under a bridge without enough clearance, it can be disastrous. These bridge strikes are probably far more common that most people realize — and they cause injuries, interrupt commerce, disrupt travel times and…

What New York Laws Apply To Motorists Driving Alongside Pedestrians And Cyclists?

New York City is notorious for having congested roads. Many people take their bikes or walk to get to and from as a result. There are laws on the books that lawmakers expect pedestrians and bicyclists to know and follow;…

It Is Unwise To Ignore Even Minor Traffic Violations

When most New York residents get a traffic ticket or break traffic laws, they pay any fines required and move forward. However, as time passes and traffic violations pile up, you may begin to feel that you should have made…



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