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Aggressive Dui and Dwi Criminal Defense For New York and New Jersey Motorists

The Law Office Of Craig Bondy > Aggressive Dui and Dwi Criminal Defense For New York and New Jersey Motorists

Aggressive Dui and Dwi Criminal Defense For New York and New Jersey Motorists

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only puts a driver’s life in danger, but also the lives of other innocent motorists and pedestrians as well.

To battle this growing hazard, New York state imposes some very harsh penalties for drunk driving — which is not treated as a traffic violation, but rather as a criminal offense.

With your rights at risk and the stakes so high in a traffic court case, you need experienced, proven-effective, battle-tested legal representation that gets results. You need the skilled assistance of The Law Office of Craig Bondy.

Since 1986, when our law firm was established, Craig Bondy has ranked among the leaders in Tri-State Area attorneys handling traffic court cases. His knowledge, commitment and personal service are proof that he can help you too. He is resourceful, responsive and best of all, Mr. Bondy really cares. He wants to win for you as much as you do.

Dui Criminal Defense Attorney Craig Bondy Protects Your Rights

Motorists who drink or do drugs and drive can be charged and convicted of the following charges in New York state:

A DUI/DWI conviction leads to substantial fines and surcharges, crime compensation fees, points on your license, increased auto insurance rates and the possible suspension or revocation of driving privileges. It also translates into a permanent criminal record and a possible jail sentence. Being convicted for the same charge a second or third time incurs even more severe penalties.

Our attorneys prepare their arguments after careful analysis and scrutiny of all evidence and information. We know exactly how detrimental a DUI or DWI conviction can be for you. We will do our best to work toward a full dismissal of the charge

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craig bondy cares. he wants to win as much as you do.

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