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Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights at Breath Test Refusal Hearings

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Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights at Breath Test Refusal Hearings

While it’s not a crime to refuse breath testing at the scene of a DUI stop in New York, a breath test refusal does put a motorist at risk for a one-year driver’s license revocation — a long-term derailment of your legal ability to get to your job or make a living as a driver.

The skilled, experienced traffic violations and DUI criminal defense attorney you need behind you right now, now that you face a DMV hearing for a chemical test refusal, is Craig Bondy — respected founder of The Law Office of Craig Bondy.

Since 1986, Craig Bondy has demonstrated how much he truly cares for his many satisfied clients, and their rights, in traffic courts throughout the Tri-State Area. His willingness to listen to your side of the story, and act swiftly on what he learns, has translated to top rankings for lawyers handling traffic cases in New York and New Jersey.

One other facet of this situation is certain: You are left with a limited amount of time to respond if your rights are to be protected. Whether or not you were charged with DUI, a Breathalyzer test refusal places you in harm’s way, from a legal standpoint, and puts your driver’s license at risk. Craig Bondy is a strong voice for you, behind the scenes with prosecutors and before judges in open court.

Don’t allow a breath test refusal to be interpreted as an admission of guilt. Don’t put yourself in a position of potentially facing civil and criminal penalties simultaneously. Above all, don’t trust your future to an inexperienced, ineffective traffic lawyer who can’t get the results that Craig Bondy can.

He will fight hard to help you avoid jail, save you money and rescue your driving privileges. This is called maximizing your chances of winning. He wants to win as much as you do.

The Law Office of Craig Bondy needs to hear from you right away, so we can begin the hard work of safeguarding your interests before your breath test refusal hearing, including the investigation of your DUI arrest and discrediting of police who may have overstepped their authority.

Contact us immediately from wherever you are in New York or New Jersey — by phone at 212-257-8321 or by email message. Hablamos Español.

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