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Texting and Driving

Does New York Have a Hands-free Cell Phone Law?

Texting is an important form of communication in today’s busy world. It is often the way that parents stay in touch with their kids, how bosses reach out to their employees, and even the way that schools communicate with the…

Legal Options For Texting and Driving Tickets

New York residents should take their tickets seriously. Whether they are incurred for allegedly driving too fast, driving while distracted, or driving in violation of local traffic laws, tickets can add up and mean big trouble for individuals who depend…

New York Penalties For Texting And Driving

Texting and driving is an ambiguous term. People may believe that only sending text messages while driving is prohibited under New York law, when, in fact, many types of cell phone use are considered illegal when a person is behind…

Many Consider Texting and Driving a Big Problem

Most New Yorkers are likely aware that they can be ticketed if they are caught using a hand-held device while operating their car. Texting and driving is considered a dangerous practice by lawmakers because they believe that drivers who text…

Get Help After Texting And Driving Allegations

Not long ago this New York traffic violation defense legal blog offered readers a detailed and informative post on what texting and driving actually means under New York law. Texting and driving does not only apply to the act of…

What Does Texting And Driving Actually Mean In New York?

Smart phones have become a staple in New York residents’ backpacks, purses, and pockets. It is rare to find a person who has never used one of these powerful handheld devices and many people own them for use in their…

Texting Regulations Apply To Commercial Carriers

Many states including New York have penalized texting and driving as a form of distracted driving. Legislators hope to protect individuals from harm by making it illegal for motor vehicle operators to use smartphones and other hand-held electronic devices while…

Navigate A Distracted Driving Ticket Carefull

Smart phones have become an almost omnipresent element of our lives and although many New York drivers know that using a cell phone while on the road is frowned upon by the state, it still does happen from time to…

“textalyzer” Technology Proposed In Response To Problem Of Texting And Driving

Cell phone use while driving, as readers know, is one of the biggest issues we face when it comes to highway safety nowadays. The widespread use of smartphones and other connected devices is a primary contributor to the problem. Of…

Work With Experienced Attorney To Challenge Ny Distracted Driving Tickets, P.1

Previously, we began looking at the topic of distracted driving, and specifically the challenges officers face in enforcing distracted driving laws. These challenges have not, however, stopped authorities from aggressive, ongoing efforts to enforce these laws. Of the 15,000 tickets…



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