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Get Help After Texting And Driving Allegations

Get Help After Texting And Driving Allegations

Not long ago this New York traffic violation defense legal blog offered readers a detailed and informative post on what texting and driving actually means under New York law. Texting and driving does not only apply to the act of sending a text message while behind the wheel of a car. Its broad definition includes practically any use of an electronic device by a driver and can apply to many different scenarios.

Making a phone call while driving may constitute texting and driving, and so too may using a computer to look for directions or watch a movie be prohibited conduct. A person who uses a GPS function on their phone may be considered texting and driving if they enter an address into their system, or they may be in violation of the law if they check a page on their pager.

Because texting and driving can mean so many things, law enforcement officials have broad discretion to issue tickets to drivers who they believe are engaged in prohibited driving practices. In their efforts to do their jobs, though, they may lodge accusations of illegal conduct against drivers who are appropriately using technology while behind the wheels of their cars.

The Law Office of Craig Bondy represents men and women who are dealing with texting and driving allegations. A ticket for texting and driving can put points on a person’s record and can threaten their driving privileges. As with all legal matters, texting and driving claims can be challenged, and attorney Bondy and his legal team are ready to assist individuals who wish to fight the damaging texting and driving allegations that have been made against them.




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