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Could a texting-while-driving offense cost you your license?

Could a texting-while-driving offense cost you your license?

New York has a relatively strict texting-while-driving law. Police officers can pull you over and ticket you for a texting offense. You will have to pay a higher fine for each subsequent ticket that you receive. Someone with several prior tickets may have to pay $450 just in fines.

Multiple tickets will likely lead to an increase in auto insurance costs. Some drivers may also be at risk of losing their license altogether. When would texting while driving potentially cost you your driving privileges?

when you already have tickets on your record

In New York, if you accumulate too many points on your license, you could lose your driving privileges. Every texting offense will add five points to your license, which might put you over the limit and lead to a suspension of your license.

when you only have a learner’s permit

Young drivers cited for texting will usually lose their permit. The length of that suspension ranges from 120 days to a year for a second offense.

when you drive a commercial vehicle

Commercial drivers are subject to more restrictions than the average licensed driver. For example, they have to comply with the federal no-texting regulation that prevents them from even dialing their phones manually while driving.

If someone in control of a commercial vehicle gets pulled over for texting at the wheel, the citation that results might end their eligibility for a commercial license. Even a ticket in their personal vehicle could affect their commercial licensing.

If you receive a ticket for any kind of distracted driving, it’s crucial to understand the potential consequences and to be prepared to protect your rights.




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