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Traffic Violations

Texting at a Stoplight isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

New York has a law against texting while driving. If a police officer spots you with your phone in your hand, they will probably pull you over and write you a ticket. Some people try to get around the risk…

Can You Talk on the Phone While You Drive in New York?

You are well aware that texting and driving is dangerous and illegal. You’ve seen plenty of stories about it causing accidents and you know that the laws were updated to prohibit drivers from sending or reading texts in the car.…

How does the New York traffic violations point system work?

New York, including the five boroughs, is known for diversity, shopping and good food. Unfortunately, this region is also known for its aggressive driver point system. Even seemingly minor traffic violations could lead to the accrual of points against your…

What should you do if you receive a TLC summons?

New York’s Taxi & Limousine Commission handles the issuance and revocation of “hack licenses” that are necessary for drivers to legally transport people. One of the most harrowing events that can happen for these drivers is to receive a summons…

These Traffic Violations Could Land You in Trouble With the Law

Citizens in New York make use of the roads for a variety of reasons. Many people rely on using their car to get to work each day. Others need to take the children to and from school. Driving privileges can…

Why Texting and Driving is Simply a Bad Idea

While cellphone technology and driving play an important role in the daily lives of many people across New York, the two should generally not be mixed. There are numerous reasons for this, with safety and legality being at the top…

Restoring Your Suspended Ny License Due to Traffic Violations

Until June 29, 2021, almost any New York motorists who had racked up unpaid traffic fines and fees could have their registrations and driver’s licenses suspended. The Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act put an end to that. The result could…

What is the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

People in New York who receive a traffic ticket must ensure they understand their options to deal with that ticket. New York uses a points system that has consequences for those who accumulate points. Some individuals will have to pay…

What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of An Accident In New York?

The roads in New York can be hazardous at the best of times. Unfortunately, this means the accidents are a frequent occurrence. Vehicular accidents are an unpleasant experience for anyone involved. If you panic and leave the scene of a…

Failing To Yield Is A Crime In New York

When you’re driving in New York, the expectation is that you will drive at the correct speed for the conditions. If there are pedestrians around you, then that means that you should be slowing down and focusing on the road…



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