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New York Traffic Violations Legal Blog

What does reasonable suspicion mean?

Contrary to popular belief, police officers can’t initiate a traffic stop simply because they want to irritate the driver. Instead, they’re supposed to have a reason for conducting the stop. Often, this hinges on reasonable suspicion that a law or…

Restoring Your Suspended Ny License Due to Traffic Violations

Until June 29, 2021, almost any New York motorists who had racked up unpaid traffic fines and fees could have their registrations and driver’s licenses suspended. The Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act put an end to that. The result could…

What is the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

People in New York who receive a traffic ticket must ensure they understand their options to deal with that ticket. New York uses a points system that has consequences for those who accumulate points. Some individuals will have to pay…

What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of An Accident In New York?

The roads in New York can be hazardous at the best of times. Unfortunately, this means the accidents are a frequent occurrence. Vehicular accidents are an unpleasant experience for anyone involved. If you panic and leave the scene of a…

Failing To Yield Is A Crime In New York

When you’re driving in New York, the expectation is that you will drive at the correct speed for the conditions. If there are pedestrians around you, then that means that you should be slowing down and focusing on the road…

How much will a speeding ticket affect your insurance costs?

Getting pulled over for driving too fast is more than just inconvenient. It can also lead to an expensive traffic ticket, which could cost you as much as $600 in fines if you were going quite a bit over the…

Do Drivers Always Have To Stop For Pedestrians?

If you see a pedestrian in the road, decide you have the right of way and continue ahead, running into them, you will face the consequences. Yet, if pedestrians could step into the road whenever they want and expect cars…

Yes, drugged driving is drunk driving

Although drunk driving charges are seen as something that happens after a person ingests too much alcohol and gets caught, you should know that penalties for driving under the influence also apply to those who are impaired by drugs. Whether…

Using a Phone While Driving is Bad: Here’s Why People Still Do it

You’ve seen all the public service announcements, and you know that New York is pretty aggressive about passing out tickets for hand-held cellphone use behind the wheel. So why do drivers keep doing it? More than a third of drivers…

Deciding whether you should fight against a New York DUI

New York has some of the most severe drunk driving laws in the nation. For example, a first offense DUI conviction could mean the loss of your driving license for no fewer than six months. First-time offenders also risk serving…



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